In these current times of uncertainty it is important we have leaders in Washington DC that aren’t afraid to make tough choices to secure the future defense and security of our nation and our interests around the world. 

Between the rising military power in China, a volatile and spiraling out of control Middle East that is bent on destroying America’s way of life, and Russia resembling more its Soviet days than a democracy,  it is up to Americans that value our freedom and security to elect leaders that will stand up to our enemies and tackle the security challenges now and in the future.  

Defenders of Freedom and Security believes that the biggest challenge facing our future security is politicians that are more worried about political correctness and apologizing and appeasing our enemies, instead of using a strong military and strong foreign policy to lead, not follow.  We believe that Peace through Strength is the best way to keep America safe, secure and a leading world power. 


To do this we will use the following tools to enact change in Washington DC and beyond:

- Airing TV and radio advertising in support of pro-defense and security candidates and policy.

- Petitioning Congress to enact pro-troop and strong defense policy 

- Contacting voters via phone and direct mail.

- Co-Sponsoring events with troops support, veteran support and national security and defense organizations.

- Providing financial support and volunteers to candidates that reflect our mission and support our military